MOCA: Mobile Cableadministration

A Modern Way of Data Ressource Management.

  • Conveniently access all cabling data on-site.
  • All entries are validated and automatically checked for accuracy.
  • Up to 12x times faster than traditional data recording.
  • Smart features reduce the amount of input required.
  • No more tedious copying from handwritten notes into Excel files.

Integrated Mapping Feature for a quick localisation

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Real-Time Task Coordination and Distribution

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12 times faster than conventional data entry.

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  • Real-Time Data Management
    Access and update cablepit data instantly, anywhere, anytime.
  • Accelerated Repair Times
    Fast response times with our intuitive system ensures rapid repairs.
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency
    Reduce paperwork with our easy-to-navigate, user-friendly interface.
  • Reliability You Can Trust
    Dependable data protection and constant up-time keep your data safe and accessible 24/7.



Comprehensive software for the administration of cabling data at airports.

Karte und CAD-Daten

Spatial representation of cabling data with maps and CAD data


Quick and easy access to all data

Gebräuchliche Darstellungen

Adopt common representations to facilitate onboarding

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