Our Team:

The Team of INNOVENCE consists of highly motivated specialists who respond flexibly and professionally to the needs of our customers.

Our lean company structure and very short decision ways enable our employees to work very flexibly, innovatively and efficiently.

As long-standing, experienced and team-oriented specialists in our industry, we can handle highly complex projects in a dynamic and professional way.

First-class quality, competence and passion always lead to successful projects and long-term customer relationships.

Thanks to our national and international partnerships and our strong network, we offer technical solutions for every challenge.

With the Team of INNOVENCE we want to reestablish German quality and reliability and grow in a medium-sized company. A medium-sized company that, thanks to its expertise, can act as a contact and shape, think and develop cross-border solutions. A medium-sized company that combines the digital world with tradition and turns electrical distance into a positive experience through social proximity.

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Markus Müller

CEO Innovence IT Solutions

For Questions around all Products of Innovence IT Solutions

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Albert Kaminski

Fullstack Developer

Project-Lead, DevOps and Cybersecurity

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Sahiram Ravikumar

Fullstack Developer

Engineer and Designer for MOCA

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Nadja Iffländer

Fullstack Developer

Engineer for MOCA and AIR-CAT